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"We use your spirals in each oak barrel, for 30% new oak. Your Hybrid Barrel Pack makes it very easy to do this--and our wines are selling out every year!"

Steven Gaiser

Distant Cellars
Sierra Foothills, CA 


"We definitely like the product and will aim to continue using in the future."

Trevor Durling
Diageo Chateau & Estae Wines
Napa, CA 


"I have been very selective, using Spirals for our high end reserve wines! Love the results."

Bion Rice
Sunstone Winery
Santa Barbara, CA

 "A fine cider can be delicate.  French oak spirals lend much needed tannins, flavors and aromas without overwhelming the cider.   The process is easily controlled and adds a certain depth and complexity that we like."

Colin Post
Number 12 Cider House
Buffalo, MN

 "We started our commercial winery last fall, and used your oak spirals in 3 of our red wines over the winter. We were extremely happy with how they turned out! We used the spirals in our Marechal Foch, Marquette, and Frontenac wines...all 3 are dry, red wines. We only oaked a small batch of our Foch wine for about a was great. Then, we oaked our Marquette and Frontenac wines for the full 6 weeks...though they were in 500L tanks, which is about double what is recommended on your packaging. But, we were going for subtle oak tones, and that is exactly what we achieved. We used the Burgundy Blend for all of them, but will also be trying the Bordeaux Blend in the Marquette at a later date."

Anna Wilson
Glyn Mawr Vineyard
Olin, OH 


“I have tried all the alternatives out there. I found these to be the absolute best for giving wines not only the oak flavoring I want but also the mouthfeel like a new barrel. Hats off to the folks at The Barrel Mill for their great product.”

Rich “Kaz” Kasmier,
KAZ Winery
Sonoma Valley, CA

“Without the use of these spirals we would not have a product on the shelves yet, much less winning awards left and right, including "The Best New Whisky of the Year.”

Matt Tackett
Blue Ridge Distilling
Bostic, NC

“After using the Spirals for the first time on a commercial scale, we were awarded a gold medal at the 2009 GABF for wood and barrel aged beer.”

Wayne Wambles,Brewmaster
Cigar City Brewing
Tampa, FL 

 “We like the Oak Spiral products for adding complexity to our blends. It gives an oak profile different from other adjuncts and more resembles barrel aging.”

Greg Kitchens
Don Sebastiani & Sons
Napa, CA

“I have probably used every oak alternative out there and the Oak Spiral is one of the five that I prefer. I like the Bordeaux Spiral in particular for its flavor and roundness that it adds. It is designated for my reserve cabernet sauvignon as it accentuates the varietal character of the fruit while functioning to soften the tannins and add fullness.”

Joe Hudon
Claar Cellars
Yakima Valley, WA

“The Oak Spiral inserts by The Barrel Mill have become part of our affordable Pinot Noir program. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on one oak barrel in a program of 30 barrels, we can achieve some of the same results by spending less money and treating multiple barrels of wine for the same price as one barrel."

Jason Bull
David Hill Vineyards and Winery
Willamette Valley, Oregon

"The infusion spiral packs quite an oak punch for its size and has worked well for us."

Charlie Tsegeletos
Cline Cellars & Jacuzzi Cellars
Sonoma, CA

"Oak alternatives are always an option for our clients. The first oak alternative that I recommend is the Infusion Spiral because it works so well."

Jerry DeAngelis,
The Crush @ Paso Robles
Paso Robles, CA

We did try the trials and really enjoyed them. The wines were very balanced and had a good complexity.

Nichole Bambacigno


"Price per gallon The Barrel Mill is still the best--and still the best flavor in terms of really replicating a barrel."

Jason Goelz
Jason-Stephens Winery
Santa Clara Valley, CA

"I have used your spirals for my last two vintages. Received an order early January 2015, love em. For our small operation they are the best value for us. They are the best. it is the only oak I use."
Don Wedl
Wedl Wine Cellars
Contra Costa County, CA