A Guide to Choosing Summer Beer Flavors and Styles

It’s that time of year: It’s hot. Summer is a time for crisp, fruity, refreshing beers that complement the warm weather. Brew fans are looking to kick back with something refreshing, light, and less-filling. Darker brews are a great addition to winter meals, sweaters, and frosty windows, but don’t fit well in the warm weather. So put away your stouts and fill your flights with something summer-tastic.

Learn more about the most popular summer brews below: 

Enticing IPAs

Summer staple. This beer is not for the beginner craft brew fan. IPAs are traditionally very rich, hoppy, and somewhat bitter–but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be sweet. IPA’s have a fruity, citrusy taste that accompanies the bold hops, creating a fantastic summer option.

Luscious Lagers

IPAs are popular in the summer, but perhaps the most traditional summer beer is a clod, crisp lager. Lagers can be served icy cold, which means they make a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. They finish with a smooth, mellow flavor that isn’t overpowering.

Boss Blonde Ales

Summer fans love blonde ales because they are light and crisp. It’s easy to drink and pair well with many summer dishes because of its light flavor profiles. Blonde ales can also include a pleasing hoppy bitterness or sweet malts.

Wonderful Wheat Beers

Wheat beers are light in color and flavor. They are a great summer sipper because they have a low to medium alcohol content. They can be brewed with or without hops, depending on the variety. They also tend to lack bitterness and feature a more citrusy flavor.

Nearly every brewery and brand create a variety of each of these beer characteristics. They can feature fruity notes, citrusy flavors, or flowery hops, depending on the preferences of the brewery. Aging your brew in toasted oak barrels or including oak infusion spirals adds unique profiles to brewery batches. Learn more about flavor infusions and barrel brewing at Infusion Spiral.