A Love Letter to Oak in Brewing and Winemaking

Cheers Beer Oak Brewing

“Once there was a tree, and she loved a little boy…” This first line from Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” is the beginning of a memorable poem. But what does this have anything to do with oak spirals? Well, we think that like The Giving Tree in Shel Silverstein’s poem, oak has always been so loving and gracious to our brewers and winemakers.

In the season of love, we want to let oak take center stage and spotlight how this seemingly simple element completes our favorite brewing and winemaking recipes.

Adds warmth and texture

Like your favorite sweater, oak is reliable, cozy and adds warmth. Many of the brews or wines that would grace our tables would fall flat without that textural element that oak provides. Oak ensures that your liquor will have a well-rounded bouquet and will bring comfort.

Amps complex flavors

Our lovely oak is never boastful. In fact, oak complements numerous flavor profiles. Oak is a complex flavor profile on its own, but definitely also packs a punch when paired with other flavors. For instance, oak complements smoky notes such as tobacco but also encourages sweet notes of toffee, caramel and chocolate to emerge onto the palate as well. Oak is always reliable and allows brewers and winemakers to get bolder with their pairings as well.

Influences the aroma

Smelling oak is always an endearing experience. It sparks good memories and is often associated with love and affection. Oak is a good base note to have in any brew because of its familiarity. Yet, oak can bolster other flavor profiles. When smelling a wine’s bouquet, you might first sense that oak is present, but it also helps other flavors come forward.

We consider oak a life-long love

Over the years, winemaking and brewing have drastically changed like introducing new hops, aging techniques. But a method that has withstood time is oak. Oak brewing and winemaking will always deserve a place in our aging techniques because of its ability to perfect the texture, flavor and aroma of any spirit. This versatile ingredient is something that we’ll always cheers to.