Choosing the best Fall Beer Styles

A wooden flight of a few different beer varieties, dark beers, lagers, stouts, pilsners, etc.

It’s fall again! The seasons are changing, and even though your taste buds don’t change, flavor profiles do. There are a bunch of fall brews that come out around this season. Pumpkin spice might be the most famous flavor in the fall, but of course, there are many options for fall beer styles that may fit better with your taste buds.

Best Fall Beer Flavors

It’s time to get into the fall spirit and explore some new fall beer styles that may make you change your preference on what your favorite beer is. There are certain Oktoberfest beers that are tradition to drink during the fall season, like Märzens, which is a lager rich in malt and aged for a few months until fall arrives. Another traditional beer is a light festbier, which is malty, strong beer that is great to drink during the colder fall seasons.

Traditional tastes aren’t your only options, however. Here are a few more options for you to discover and explore:

Brown Ale

This style of beer is great around the fall season because it provides a great balance of a dark, filling brew that packs a crisp flavor at the same time. This beer also has caramel, cocoa, and malty tones added into it to create the perfect fall combination.

Red Ale

Similar to brown ales, red ales provide dark and crisp notes as well as some added-in nutty and robust flavors. Not to mention that this style of beer has moderate alcohol and is very hearty without the feeling of being weighed down.

Dark Lagers

Typically, lagers are great to drink all year around, but dark lagers especially taste amazing during the cooler seasons. This style of beer introduces a roasted flavor with some refreshingly smooth qualities. It’s roasted grains and malts provide an intense and delicious flavor, perfect to enjoy this fall.

Hazy Pale Ales

There are a wide variety of different IPA styles, but hazy pale ales are one of the best styles to drink during the fall season. Since this beer provides a mellow, bitter, hazy, and pine flavor, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy while the cooler weather seeps in.


It’s almost like darker beers are meant for the fall season and porters are no exception. This style of beer includes notes of coffee and chocolate, which adds plenty of sweetness to its thin, lower malty flavor. Because of its sweet flavor, it is quite comparable to stouts, but sweeter and typically lighter.


Stouts are known to have a dark, rich, full-flavored taste, with plenty of dark-roasted malted barley, which is what makes a stout a stout. This dark, heavy beer is usually drunk during the cooler seasons since it provides you with a roasted flavor of spices and sometimes even fruit.


ESB stands for “Extra Special Bitter” and tastes exactly as its name describes. Its flavor includes a mixture of herbs and fruit, as well as some earthy and seriously bitter undertones. It’s bitter flavor actually tastes amazing during the cooler months since it provides a spicy, malty, and hoppy flavor.

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