Whiskey Barrels and Sustainability: The Benefits of Using Infusion Spirals 

Image of whiskey barrels and glass of whiskey

As business owners, we’re responsible for doing our part to lessen our environmental impact. However, sustainability isn’t just important for securing our planet’s future—it can also be part of your business’s consumer appeal. 

A 2017 study found that 88% of consumers have stronger loyalty to companies that support environmental issues. People are more likely to support businesses that are doing their part to protect the environment—the alcohol industry is no exception. Fortunately, barrel aging and sustainability can go hand in hand. 

Why Choose Barrel Aging? 

Barrel aging, or the process of aging spirits in a wooden barrel, can enhance the flavor of your products. The barrel type, char, and history can all impact the final flavor. Barrels allow spirits, like whiskey, to age gracefully and ultimately reduce the ethanol content in each batch.  

Barrel use can add up over time, contributing to wood waste, but there are ways to approach the barrel aging process in a more sustainable way. 

Make the Most of Used Barrels 

Barrels are large and take up a lot of space, so reusing them multiple times can help save space and money. There’s no need to change your barrel after each batch—just make sure you clean it every two or three batches. Barrels can even be repaired by a master cooper if there is any damage.  

If a barrel is truly out of commission, it can be repurposed as decor, so the barrel doesn’t go to waste. You can also use them to store products or as shelving for merchandise. Recycle the wood or sell the old barrels to customers looking to DIY. This ensures fewer barrels end up in landfills, reducing single-use waste. 

Utilize Infusion Spirals 

Infusion Spirals are an innovative way to make whiskey barrels last longer. The spiral-cut design means spirits can soak up the toasted oak aroma faster, allowing you to get products out more quickly.  

It can be difficult to find the right barrel for the flavor you’re seeking, but Infusion Spirals can create that flavor even in a neutral barrel. Infusion Spirals come in a variety of toast levels, and we offer exotic woods, like cherry and sugar maple. You can also use blends to create a unique flavor profile.  

Oak Spirals are a great way to add aroma and flavor to your wine production system. Wine does best when aged and these spirals allow the complex flavors to develop in old or new barrels. An Oak Spiral can take wine production from eight months down to six weeks. This allows you to rotate out your barrels more frequently, creating less need to buy new barrels. 

Infusion Spirals allow room for creativity without waste. If you test out a new toast level or infusion and don’t enjoy the flavor, you can tweak the recipe. Simply use another Spiral to change the flavor, and your entire batch won’t go to waste. This improves sustainability while ensuring you can offer the best flavors possible. 

Sustainability is More Than Just a Trend 

Americans throw out 4.9 pounds of trash per person each day, making manufacturers less likely to make products that stand the test of time. The alcohol industry can do its part in reducing some of this waste. Reusing barrels, repurposing them, or utilizing Infusion Spirals can all make a major difference. Your consumers will also appreciate your effort to reduce the harmful impacts of waste on our planet. 

Check out our Infusion Spiral options for all your spirit-aging needs and transform the taste of your brews. Contact us with any questions about our products, and we’ll find the best solution for your business.