The Benefits of Oak Alternatives in Winemaking

Oak Infusion Spirals

The history of Winemaking is a pretty much a tale as old as time. It can be traced back to China as early as 7000 BC and transporting wine in oak barrels goes all the way back to the Roman Empire. The added benefits that oak provided wine may have been a happy accident, but the flavor compounds made for a long romance between oak and wine. Yes, winemaking has a long history, but that’s not to say that innovations and technological advances (including oak alternatives) haven’t changed the winemaking game over the years.

One of those advancements changing the winemaking process is oak alternatives. These can provide all of the same benefits we’ve come to love about oak and wine in a much shorter timeframe. In the hierarchy of components that directly impact the winemaker’s final product, oak is second only to grapes. Using Oak Infusion Spirals as alternatives, that product can be produced more efficiently. They offer plenty of unique benefits over their barrel counterparts.

Probably the most notable benefit is the price of oak spirals. High quality barrels can cost upwards of $1000. Oak Infusion Spirals are a fraction of the cost. The speed also benefits the price. The faster the wine ages, the faster you can deliver your product.

You also have a bit more control over the product when you use oak alternatives. You can select certain char and toast levels depending on your desired result. Another benefit is sustainability. You can harvest exponentially more alternatives from an oak tree than you can staves for barrels.

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