Whiskey Pairings for Your Summer BBQs

Whiskey and BBQ are arguably a more iconic pair than peanut butter and jelly. As the weather warms and everyone starts emerging from their houses after months of indoor confinement, there’s probably just a few things you have in mind. If one of those things isn’t getting your grill out and your grub on, we’re not sure what you’re doing with your life. There’s still one burning question—what whiskey will you pair your BBQ delights with? Never fret, we’re here to help. Here are some pairing combinations that will be surefire hits.

Seafood and Scotch:

It’s fun to say and even more fun to eat. The smoky flavors of grilled seafood combined with the bold flavors of aged Scotch whisky is a pairing you have to try. Whisky is aged in oak barrels and those barrels add flavor and dimension to the liquid as it ages. It becomes smooth and smoky which pairs quite well with that smoky seafood.

Steak and Rye:

If there’s a taste bud paradise we’re pretty sure you’ll find this combo there. Well prepared and chosen steak combined with a Rye whiskey is a summer grill-out game changer. Rye whiskey is  fuller flavored and it matches the flavor blast the a fattier cut of meat brings. Grill up a flap steak, T-bone, or New York strip and enjoy the flavor combos!

Chicken and Single Grain:

Chicken is a little lighter than its meaty counterparts and as such, it requires a lighter flavor whisky. Single grain whiskies are a bit more subtle and will not overwhelm the flavors from the chicken.

Bourbon and Barbecue:

These two go together like red, white, and blue which is perfect since they’re both quintessentially American. BBQ is full of rich flavors and savory sweetness making bourbon the natural partner. You’ll find notes of vanilla and spice in bourbon that will bring out the flavors of your barbeque.