Winemaking Tips for the First-Time Wine Enthusiast

Winemaking has seen a boost in popularity since the pandemic. Many are searching for new ideas online or attempting classic recipes from their grandparents. Even so, some of the most common winemaking issues translate from year to year. Discover some tips and advice for making batches of wine at home.

Know Your Grapes

The most important element in winemaking is the grape. Wine grapes are not the same standard grapes you buy from the grocery store and snack on at home. Many vintages of wine are distinguished because of the harvest of the grapes, the location they are grown, or even the quality placed on them from year to year. 

To get your hands on some quality grapes, consider asking some local vineyards for supplies. You can also order wine kits online that include the fruit you will need. If you’re just starting, consider using concentrates. The process of manufacturing concentrates boasts a high success rate and noticeable quality, so it makes the process easier for those new to winemaking.

Sterilize Your Equipment

It is important to completely clean and rinse your equipment before you use it. When winemaking equipment and containers are not sanitized, organic and inorganic contaminants can harm the fermentation process or even alter the flavor of the end product. The reason that it is important to include this step is to protect your wine from spoilage.

To properly clean your equipment, you will need a special chemical solution to break down and dissolve the organic matter. Find more information and cleaning supplies from specialty supply stores or by ordering online.

Experiment with Flavor

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different wine flavors and vintages. Infuse your wine with flavor using Infusion Spirals. From a full tank-sized batch to individual bottles, Infusion Spirals can add unique oak flavors to wine. We supply a variety of flavors from light to dark toasts, and single toasts or multiple blends. Visit to learn more.