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Cypress Barrel Pack

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Cypress Barrel Pack


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Cypress wood is available for in Barrel Pack size and in Light toast only. Cypress (Taxodium distichum), also known as Baldcypress, contributes primary characteristics of yellow cake, vanilla wafer and sponge cake when applied during the conditioning phase for up to six weeks.

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Cypress Infusion Spiral® Barrel Pack

Cypress is a yellowish brown wood sourced mostly from the Southeastern USGulf states and commonly used for exterior construction and the boat industry forits durability and resistance to decay. The Barrel Mill cuts Cypress, Spanish Cedar, French and American oak and other wood into a precise spiral shape to maximize surface area in a small package and expose both the parallel and cross grains of the wood. The company then heats, or "toasts" the Spirals in convection ovens to achieve each wood's full potential in flavor and aroma impact.

Two-to-four individual spirals per barrel of beer (31 gallons per barrel) for 3-4 weeks, depending on desired wood character. Nylon netting can be cut to remove individual spirals from pack.

No of spirals per Pack: 6