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Frequently Asked Questions

Infusion Spiral® Questions

Can the Infusion Spiral® be reused?

No, after six weeks all oak flavor is extracted. Reusing them will not impart flavor into the new wine.

What types of wines work best with the Infusion Spiral®?

80% of the wine used with spirals is red wine, the majority of which are Bordeaux and Rhone varietals. Our Bordeaux Blend French Oak barrel Pack was created specifically for Cabernet and Merlot, but works well with Syrah, too. For Chardonnay, our French oak Medium Toast has been very successful in aging and in fermentation.

What is the difference between French and American Spirals?

The French has a more subtle flavoring and a softer mouth feel. American oak typically has a bold aroma and more prominent flavor.

Will it hurt to leave the Spiral in longer than six weeks?

No, but after six weeks virtually all flavor is extracted. Additional time in wine improves integration. We have found best results to come between three and five months in wine.

What are the most popular toast levels?

Our top sellers are French medium, French medium plus and the Bordeaux Blend. Our American medium plus is also popular for richer wines such as zinfandel.

How are the Infusion Spirals® toasted?

We use state of the art convection ovens for consistency and uniformity. Temperature and length of toasting are kept track of to ensure consistency of every batch.

How is the flavor extracted so much faster as compared to barrels and other oak alternatives?

Lliquids penetrate wood eight times faster when exposed to the cross grain of the wood versus the side grain, like barrels and other oak alternatives.

How many tank packs should I use in my tank?

Most tank-aged wines get a 25%-30% dose of new oak. In this case, one tank pack for every 1000 gallons of wine is suggested.

How many eight inch spirals for home wine making should I put in my carboy?

One or two eight spirals are recommended per six gallons of wine.

Do the Spirals float?

No, unlike other adjuncts, almost immediately the Spirals will sink into the wine. This is due to the abundance of cross-grain exposure.

Do you have references?

Of course! Call us for references in your area.

Are free samples of the Infusion Spiral® available?

Yes, if you are a commercial winery, distillery, etc. Please contact your representative to start a trial. All we ask for is a sample of your results.

How do we come up with our dosage recommendations?

One barrel pack gives aroma and flavor impact of a new oak barrel. Dosages of single-toast barrel packs can easily be controlled by removing one or several spirals from the pack. Or, treat one barrel at 100% dosage, or higher, and then blend down with neutral wine to achieve your desired oak impact.

How long does it take to get the Oak Spirals?

Our products are shipped from stock, packaged in sealed plastic bags for freshness, and usually arrive in four business days by ground transport from our Minnesota facility.

How do I connect the spiral pack to the bung?

We suggest using a stainless steel eyelet that is screwed into the bottom of your normal silicon bung and using the included food-grade zip-tie to connect the end of the mesh bag to the eyelet. Or, you can order one of our bungs with an extended length at the bottom to wrap the zip-tie directly to the bung. Another option is to use about three feet of fishing line (20-30 lbs. strength) to tie to one end of the mesh and staple or tape the other end to the outside of the barrel.