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French Oak - Tank Pack (48 Inches)

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French Oak - Tank Pack (48 Inches)


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Single tank pack of five 48-inch long tight-grain, French Quercus Sessilis Oak spirals, single toast, for application in stainless steel tank or Flextank. All five spirals are contained in a single mesh bag.

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French Oak - Tank Pack (48 Inches)

The Oak Infusion Spiral releases fresh, new-barrel, toasted oak aroma and flavor through its patented, spiral-cut design. The abundance of cross-grain exposure speeds extraction of oak compounds 8 times faster than conventional parallel-grain exposure associated with barrel staves, inserts, sticks and chains of oak. Spiral-cut design also enables oak to submerge quickly into wine, minimizing exposure to air while creating more layered complexity.

One Tank Pack per 1000 gallons adds 25%-30% new oak impact.

Width: 4"
Height: 50"
Product Weight: 6.5lbs
Wood: Tight Grain French Oak
Length: 48"
No. per Pack: 5 Spirals