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Spanish Cedar - Tank Pack (48 Inches)

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Spanish Cedar - Tank Pack (48 Inches)


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The oils in Spanish Cedar give vibrant aroma and flavor to beer. Adds primary note of grapefruit with secondary contributions of white pepper and sandalwood. Spiral cut makes big surface area to extract fast like chips but without the mess. For application in stainless steel tank or Flextank. All five spirals are contained in a single mesh bag to make insertion and removal clean, quick, and easy. Available only as a Tank Pack in Light Toast.

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Spanish Cedar - Tank Pack (48 Inches)

The Infusion Spiral releases fresh, new-barrel aroma and flavor through its patented, spiral-cut design. The abundance of cross-grain exposure speeds extraction of wood compounds eight times faster than conventional parallel-grain exposure associated with barrel staves, inserts, sticks and chains of oak. Spiral-cut design also enables wood to submerge quickly into beverage, minimizing exposure to air while creating more layered complexity.

One Tank Pack per 5 barrels of beer (31 gallons per barrel) for 7-31 days, depending on desired wood character

Width: 4"
Height: 50"
Product Weight: 6.5lbs
Wood: Spanish Cedar
Length: 48"
No. per Pack: 5 Spirals